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Meet  The Fun Loving Human Behind the Camera!


Well howdy there! 

My name is Tori Brawner and I am super stoked you're here! I  absolutely love getting to connect with amazing humans that are looking to capture these moments in their life just the way they are.


Just a little background on my photography journey!

I grew up in a tiny town called Shepherd Texas, but I've lived in several cities around Texas and also have traveled the states in an RV

with my mom, dad and older and only sister!

My passion for photography started on that trip. 5 years old with a disposable camera in hand and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the film to get developed! 18 years later and i still have those photos tucked away in a box that i get to pull out, look through and reminisce on. Not like I was the most talented photographer back then, but those little snapshots and memories are something I hold near and dear to my heart.

The tradition of carrying around a disposable cameras lasted through the rest of my adolescent and teenage years. My friends and family watched my obsession grow as iPhone cameras continued to get better and better and my parents bought me a real camera for Christmas when I was 17.

I've now been a professional photographer for 5 years and i just can't get over the fact that getting to capture other peoples lives is actually my job!

Some fun facts about me!

I am a cat momma to my boy Theo 

I am a super fan of Rupauls Drag Race

I'm obsessed with sloths

Chai lattes are everything!!!

I love traveling and hiking

I absolutely love crystals 



My Why

The first time I took photos of something that wasn't an animal or a flower was for my best friends senior pictures.  I'll never forget how much fun I had getting creative with posing, lighting and getting to see her
excitement as I showed her the pictures.

At that point I realized there was a passion. My heart fluttered with pride and excitement and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on my camera and do another photoshoot. Thats when Tori Brawner Photography was born.

I don't think I realized just how many photographers there were AND made a living off of nothing but taking pictures. A first it was intimidating, but like anything as long as you want it bad enough there isn't anything you can't do!

There is nothing more special in life than making people FEEL special.
And thats exactly why I do what I do. I love making people feel safe, comfortable, confident, appreciated, heard, understood, validated.
All while providing them with something of quality and heartfelt meaning.

My goal as a photographer isn't just to simply make a living,
but be there for others in ways they don't expect when they book a photoshoot.
Cause ya see, it's not just a photoshoot. 

It's finally getting to seal your love with vows.
It's documenting all the time spent in high school.
It's capturing your kiddos where they are right now.
It's celebrating childbearing, adoption or surrogacy.
It's spending some last moments with a loved one.

It's so much more than just a photoshoot.
And this is why I LOVE what I do. I look forward to everyday getting to meet
new people and hear their story and help them capture wherever they
are in life right now in such a beautiful and creative way.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Love and Kindness- Tori B

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